We are Cynepia CYNEPIA Technologies.

WE BELIEVE that data is single most important factor that will determine enterprises ability to compete, manage their customer
relations and transform & transition their business to lead in the future.

OUR MISSION is to to help enterprises solve the problem of data deluge with capabilities that provide them ability to have competitive advantage,
over their competitors.

OUR STRATEGY is to provide cutting edge software systems to help enterprises organize, connect, make sense of their data, stay
connected with their insights, make faster, real-time decisions and ultimately grow your business.
Xceed Analytics
is the first of the key building blocks towards the cause of helping business users humanly engage and work with their enterprise data. It is a simple yet powerful, scalable self-service analytics platform aiming to democratize data driven decisions within your enterprise. It is flexibly available both for public and private cloud deployments. If you are looking to exploit the efficiencies and opportunities of cloud but are concerned about data ownership and security of your data, Xceed Analytics is built for you. It is a single tenant solution exclusively build for enterprises like yours. Xceed Analytics further engages business users through a responsive interface that helps you stay engaged with your data from where-ever you are.

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