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Make Your Data Accessible To All Using Cynepia Insights Platform

Cynepia Insights Platform is a extensible, scalable, enterprise grade platform built with micro-services and flexible analytics engine for enterprises who value data ownership, security and privacy and yet want to leverage the benefits offered by cloud to their advantage. It offers a catalog of services which are uniquely accessible via REST interface which can be leveraged to build/integrate with a variety of end user applications. These services include various data services including data connectivity and ingestion, data transformation, analytics along with other services such as identity, collaboration, governance. These services together make your data accessible to all. Flexible in-memory analytics engine leverages various open source technologies including Apache Spark and other ML libraries to offer a variety of smart analytics capabilities.

Make Your Data Accessible to All

Make Your Data Accessible to All

Cynepia Insights Platform helps you organize every bit of scattered data coming in from various internal and external data systems together, making your data and insights easily accessible to all who need the same. It integrates pre-built connectors which offer a broader connectivity to a variety of structured and semi-structured data sources, batch and real-time, social datasources.

Focus On Understanding Your Business Better, and Not The Platform

Scaling your analytics tool is a key bottleneck in your drive towards democratization of insights and thereby data-driven decisions with-in your enterprise. Cynepia Insights Platform's architectural approach reduces your worry on scalability of the platform that you use to make your business decisions and lets you focus on understanding your business better

Get answer to your own business question

Get answer to your own business question

Take charge with analytics products from Cynepia, that are easy to use, even for non-tech business executives. Now you won’t have any trouble making sense of your own business data. Connect with the pre-connected sources by your IT or connect them yourself from a catalog of available data connectors. You can now build stunning data stories within minutes.

Speed up your decision-making process with real-time insights

Speed up your decision-making process with real-time insights

Cynepia Insights Platform architecture coupled with its flexible in-memory analytic engine offers your organisation with a scalable data analytics platform that lets you stay ahead of competition by generating insights instantly and thereby helping you take informed decisions . Flexible Analytics Engine choice including Apache Spark ensures that you pick the right engine that fits your data size and data variety.

Run Your Business on Cloud First Insights Platform

Run Your Business on Cloud First Insights Platform

Cynepia Insights Platform is uniquely cloud first. Further, It's multi-cloud approach reduces your worry on IaaS vendor lock-in and fit optimally your cloud strategy. Cynepia Insights Platform offers the best investment protection and lowest TCO on your analytics platform investment keeping in mind changing needs of your enterprise over time.


Quick & Easy to analyze data and build personalized storyboards


Built for Cloud, One Click Deployment


Flexible Choice of Analytics Engine support your data size needs

Streaming &
Batch Support

Supports both streaming and batch data sources including Twitter


Stay in control of your data ownership, privacy and security requirements.


Ensure secure user access and privileges based on user roles.


Access your data and insights even while on the move

Data Sizes

Supports multiple data sizes, from small to big.



Build and Integrate with existing enterprise applications


Support models to suit your needs, so that you can be at ease.