Understand your business context, drive actions in real-time and be responsive.

Enterprises are collecting far more data related to customers and customer behaviors either directly using various software applications, production systems, sensors, devices, or through social channels at a far more rapid speed than ever before. Further, newer set of application and system data sources are being added every single day, around the clock. Data is everywhere all over the place in an enterprise. While the need to look at the data to make decisions is well understood, It’s increasingly impossible for a business user to get to understand everything that is happening in one’s environment without leveraging the power of analytics.

Getting Insights from data and taking actions in real-time is the single most important factor impacting the ability of the enterprises to compete, manage their customer relations, transform and steer their business ahead, yet existing data analytics tools are far too complex to learn and master for a business user.

Empower your business users to make data driven decisions

Xceed Analytics helps you empowers every business user to get real-time insights and make decisions faster and more effectively. Simply place Xceed Analytics at the heart of your data universe, and it will help you organize, connect, make sense, stay connected with your insights, make faster, real-time decisions and ultimately grow your business. Xceed Analytics offers a simple to use self-service application interface enabling all business users to get answers to their own business questions, without having to undergo complex technical know-how training of any sort.


Get All Your Data Together

Connect with your data through a variety of pre-built data connectors, using a simple process of bringing the data in for analysis that helps you organize all your data scattered across various systems into a singular datasets view for analysis. CIO/IT organisation can take the lead and connect variety of data systems together and help analysts and business users with privileges drill down to the most granular raw data and build their own insights.

Prepare your data for analysis

Prepare Your Data For Analysis

Xceed Analytics automatically detects hierarchy and enables you to explore and preview your dataset. It sorts your data formats and spatial data bits and allows you to choose the data of interest, that is quickly read into memory using fast and powerful analytics engine. Our intuitive interface then let’s you further pick the relevant visualizations, filter, aggregate, and build a visually appealing data storyboard.

Get answer to your own business quesiton

Business Users, Get Your Own Answers

Our powerful adhoc story designer lets users design compelling data stories using charts and maps that help decision makers quickly grasp the generated insights. An interactive dashboard provides a variety of options for designing dynamic, mobile friendly dashboard. Business Users with limited technical skills, can view and engage with these data stories easily and instantly.

Self service platform supported by IT

Self Service Platform Supported By IT

The software’s self-service, ad hoc data visualization environment lets users explore data on their own, without burdening IT. IT takes the responsibility of connecting various systems together and manage & govern the data as per the organisation data privacy policies. Xceed analytics administration interface provides easy to use interface for various governance needs.

Mobile BI

Enable Mobile Access

With Xceed analytics, what’s created can be published and accessed using mobile devices so decision makers can see and interact with critical information and decision-making data – anytime, anywhere. Having on-the-go access to current, relevant information means faster decision cycles and uninterrupted workflows. Because critical information is always available, engage with your insights and make your decisions instantly.

Advantages Free Trial Small Business Enterprise (Big Data)
Number of
Ideal for less than 2
non-simultaneous users
Ideal for less than 25
non-simultaneous users
Built to suit your
Data Catalog
(Unlimited Datasets)
Wide Range of
Visualizations Options
Admin Interface for
User Management
At the heart of your
mobile strategy
In Memory
Analytics Engine
(Apache Spark)
Ideal for datasizes of
upto 10GB
Ideal for datasizes of
upto 100GB
Built to suit your
datasize requirements
Dataset size
Built to suit your